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All representing 29,000 students

In your lectures, during exams and in your free time it’s a huge job making sure you’re represented. Luckily we’ve got just the people to do the job. Twice a year Bristol students elect the people they trust to represent them on issues from course costs to mental health and wellbeing.

Bristol SU supports a team of around 600 reps, all led by our seven full time officers and the networks that they oversee.

Find your course rep here


The full time officer team are students elected every March to help shape the direction of the Union for the next year.

They work full time to represent you on a range of issues and are responsible for your academic interests both on your course and when working to influence University policy at a higher level.

Meet your new Officer Team for 2021-22

You can click on each officer to find out more about them, and read about their priorities for the year ahead.

what have we been doing?

academic year 2022/23

Welcome 2022

We started the year with Welcome. This year we hosted 100 events with over 10,000 students attending them; from mingles to plant potting, street tours to club nights and everything...

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Working with the new Vice-Chancellor

Along with the rest of the University community, we’ve welcomed new Vice Chancellor Professor Evelyn Welch to the University. We were pleased to host her at the Welcome Fair, join...

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Renaming Buildings Consultation

The University launched a consultation in November to seek views from students, staff and the public on whether seven buildings whose names are linked in different ways to the transatlantic...

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Free Transport to Coombe Dingle

Working with S.E.H, your Sports and Student Development Officer Lucy has managed to secure a FREE shuttle bus each Wednesday throughout the day to Coombe Dingle Sports Complex from Tyndall...

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Supporting Student Lettings

Bristol SU Lettings had its busiest launch yet at the beginning of December, supporting students during the current housing crisis to find safe and affordable homes. The team saw over...

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Reclaim the Night

Over 150 students and staff joined our Reclaim the Night march through the streets of Bristol against sexual harassment and gender-based violence. This was our first march since 2019!

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what have we been doing?

academic year 2021/22

Ukraine Support

The invasion of Ukraine has impacted many in the student community.  Your International Students’ Officer has been working directly with students affected and the University to make sure there is...

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We know how many student groups like to host balls at the end of term, so we set out to make the process more straightforward by introducing our ‘build-a-ball’ package...

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Inclusion in Sport

One of the things we’ve focused on is increasing inclusion, and conversations about inclusion, within sport.  In February we teamed up with Sport, Exercise and Health for a series of...

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Dare to Care

In February we launched our Dare to Care campaign, which aims to break down the stigma and difficulties surrounding conversations on suicide in the University community.  As part of this...

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Graduation U-Turn

Graduations delayed as a result of the pandemic will take place in the Wills Building ‍thanks to lobbying from the Officer team. We know there have been strong opinions on...

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Partnership with PROJECT:TALK

We created a new partnership with PROJECT:TALK to develop a range of peer-support networks in our student community as part of our ongoing commitment to student wellbeing.  We also supported the first...

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We opened a Zero Waste Shop

Thanks to funding from Bristol Alumni and Friends, we’ve opened a Zero Waste Shop in the Richmond Building so that students can buy essentials at affordable prices without worrying about plastic waste. ...

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Getting Involved with COP26

Thanks to funds from Bristol Alumni and Friends, we were able to send a delegation of over 30 students up to Glasgow for COP26 in November 2021. You can view updates...

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Supporting Safer Nights Out

Following an increase in reporting of drink spiking incidents nationally, the SU Officer team started work to make a Bristol night out safer for everyone.  Along with many of our...

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Bringing you more Space on Campus

New bar, The Beckford, opened in Senate House in September 2021. We’ve also managed to secure more student space in Senate House on the 5th floor. This is being used as...

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The Biggest Welcome Ever

We brought you our biggest Welcome ever with more sold-out events than ever before and a massive two day Welcome Fair.  Over 1000 plants were potted during Welcome, we held two massive...

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Harm Reduction Boxes

Student Living Officer Ruth continued their Harm Reduction work from last year – providing students with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices around drugs and alcohol. They packed...

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Supporting students with accommodation issues

In August and September 2021 we supported students with housing issues. Some students were allocated accommodation in Bath, so through lobbying the university your Student Living Officer (Ruth) managed to secure:  Financial...

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Graduation Photoshoot

As 2021 graduation ceremonies were postponed by the University due to Covid-19, we gave students the chance to celebrate the end of their degree and get the photos to prove it. ...

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what have we been doing?

academic year 2020/21

Bristol’s Students love Volunteering!

Bristol's students have stepped up and volunteered for numerous local volunteering projects this year. Despite the ongoing pandemic, students have shown their committment to supporting our local community through a...

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Covid Test Funding for International Students

Roy (International) successfully secured funding from the university for testing and quarantine for international students in certain circumstances. This funding removes a massive financial burden on International students who were...

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The Bristol SU Loft is now open!

The Bristol SU Loft is now open in Senate House! This space was campaigned for by several SU Officer teams and we're really pleased to see students enjoying the new...

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Sanctuary Scholars Legal Fund

This year we have supported two applications to the Sanctuary Scholar Legal Fund - designed to support asylum-seeking students by covering the costs of their legal fees. STAR (Student Action...

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Sustainability in Education

David (UG Education) has successfully designed a new interdisciplinary programme for undergraduates which would allow them to complete their degree ‘With Sustainability’. This programme is a major vehicle for the...

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Decolonising the Curriculum

David (UG Education) and Khadija (BAME Network Chair) set up several 'Decolonising Working Groups' in schools and departments across the university. These groups will ensure that students are driving changes...

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Inclusive Sport

Rushab (Sport and Student Development) worked with BEAT to deliver training around fatphobic language and diet culture for sports clubs. Rushab also secured women-only gym and swim sessions, and LGBT+-only...

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Fee Justice Now campaign

In March we launched our campaign for Fee Justice Now. This campaign called for fee compensation for the 'class of covid' in recognition that the experience students had received this year...

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2000 trees planted with Ecosia

Bristol students Hannah Rose and Elspeth Taylor led a campaign for the university to make a switch to Ecosia as the default search engine on all university computers. They were...

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Climate Emergency Day of Action

In February we held our first ever Climate Emergency Day of Action. This day was filled with events, panels, campaigns, and talks from high profile speakers which educated and empowered...

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My Rent, My Rights

We ran the My Rent My Rights campaign to empower students to know their rights as renters, introduce them to external housing organisations (e.g. Acorn Tenants' Union), and support them...

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Affordable Beds in Halls

We have lobbied the university to increase the affordable bed provision in halls for next year from 5% to 7%, with the majority of room rents being frozen. 

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Peer Support Networks

We have supported the creation of several peer support networks this year, notably through Bristol SU Wellbeing Network and PROJECT:TALK. We have supported these students to get these programmes up...

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Support for Trans Students

Jason (Equality, Liberation, and Access) and Ruth (Student Living) have been working with Marten (Trans Network Chair) to influence the University's new name change guidance, and have also worked with...

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Personal Tutoring

David (UG Education), Leah (PG Education), Ruth (Student Living), and Jason (Equality, Liberation, and Access) have played an integral role in the University's review of personal tutoring. They have worked...

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Debt Collection Policy

Ruth and Jason successfully persuaded the university to U-turn on their policy of using students' bursaries to cover rent arrears. Jason and Ruth sat on the University's Debt Collection Review...

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Rent Strike 2020/21

We supported the Bristol student rent strike, reported to be the largest in UK history with over 1000 student signups. Led by Bristol, Cut the Rent and supported by the...

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Assessment Mitigations

Following three days of talks with the University in January, and months of campaigning, an agreement on assessment mitigations was reached.

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Support for International Students

Roy Kiruri, your International Students’ Officer, has been meeting with counterparts from other Student Unions to plan a campaign on tuition fee reductions for International Students. Many International students have...

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Rent Rebates

Your Student Living Officer Ruth Day successfully lobbied the University to agree to a rent rebate scheme. Students who are not currently in residence in university halls, and who are...

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Student Group award winners 2020

Our student groups saw national award success throughout 2020. At the National Societies and Volunteering Awards Bristol students and groups took home awards from four out of ten categories.

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Financial Hardship

Ruth and Jason have been working with the university to ensure that proper procedures are put in place to support students in debt. Ruth and David have also been working...

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In January we celebrated all our fantastic student groups with Refreshers. With online mingles, streams, giveaways and more, we wanted to keep our student community connected and meeting new people...

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Foodbank drives

We led two foodbank collection drives for the new Emergency Foodbank in Redcliffe and opened collection points in student halls of residence. Students donated over 50kg of food, cleaning products...

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Open Letter to Landlords

In early January we sent a public letter to landlords and accommodation providers, to ask them to reduce financial pressure on their student tenants during the coronavirus outbreak. The University...

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In early October The Courtrooms halls entered self isolation, quickly followed by a number of other halls. Your Officer team worked hard to put their asks to the University, to...

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Creating a Black Students’ Network

The Black Students’ Network aims to provide a home and safe space for Black students at the University, and to support existing networks and societies to ensure the diverse experience...

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Study Spaces

Leah (Postgraduate Education Officer) and David (Undergraduate Education Officer) have successfully proposed and lobbied for the University to increase staffing provision in the libraries. All study spaces will stay open...

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what have we been doing?

academic year 2019/20

Relaunched Intramural sport

Our student opportunities team devised a new model for our fun, social, Intramural sports competition which introduced a range of new sports and new ways to play. We now have...

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Bristol su supports hundreds of students to get a dbs check so they can get started with volunteering

See how volunteering can improve your student experience:

how we supported you during the first covid-19 lockdown


you said:

I’ve left my student accommodation and have no intention of returning. It’s not fair that I have to keep paying rent.

we did:

  • We pushed for students living in University allocated accommodation to not have to pay rent for the final term if they weren’t planning to return to that accommodation. Further information can found here.

we're going to keep doing:

We know that there are students in private rented accommodation who need support and are looking to see what we can do here. We also know that some International students are worried about being unable to return home after their tenancy ends – we’re pushing the university to come up with a solution to this which is favourable to students.

you said:

I don’t live in University halls but have also left my student accommodation and have no intention of returning. It’s not fair that I have to keep paying rent.

we did:

  • Bristol SU Lettings wrote to all landlords explaining the situation their tenants were in. Some of our landlords through Bristol SU lettings have cut rent payments completely and 25 have waived up to 50% off rent payments for students in their final term.
  • We issued an open letter to accommodation providers and Letting Agents across the city, as well as providing a template for students to contact their landlord with.
  • We’ve written to Thangam Debbonaire MP to ask her to highlight additional support needed from the government so that landlords can put in rent reductions for students.

we're going to keep doing:

Lobbying relevant people to put something in place for students, and signpost students who are struggling to the financial support available.


isolation/ loneliness

you said:

Students asked for greater clarity around online assessments and requested a no-detriment policy similar to other universities.  

we did:

Our education officers, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio and Chris Brasnett, worked closely with the University and academic reps and have ensured some good outcomes for students as the University’s guidance has developed:

  • Automatic extensions for students who need them  
  • A new, streamlined Extenuating Circumstances process for students who need it  
  • Ensuring the needs of disabled students, parents and carers and international students are explicitly considered in the policy and design of assessments  
  • The ability to retake an assessment without penalty 
  • Bringing the date forward for when finalists will be told what their “safety net” is, by three weeks so more students get answers sooner 
We made sure that the University were engaging with students in key conversations on online assessments and teaching, including securing SSLCs to discuss this with academic reps. 

we're going to keep doing:

While these points are positive, we still don’t think it’s perfect, and will continue to push for a better deal for students. We’re continuing to gather feedback on students thought on assessments and online teaching which we are sharing with the university.

I’ve sent out a specific survey to PGR students to find out their concerns and needs so that I can effectively represent this to the University.

you said:

Being in social isolation is tough! Some students are apart from family, friends and loved ones and others are finding it difficult being back at home.

we did:

  • We’ve set up an online Bristol SU Living Room to help you keep connected to different students whilst the university continues online.
  • We’ve been working with SU staff to pull together a programme of different activity online to keep you busy and part of the university community. We’ve been working with student groups to involve them in this timetable, as well as introducing new events such as a quiz hosted by George and a FIFA tournament.
  • We’ve also been supporting our student groups to take their activity online so that you can still get involved with your society or sports club. There is now new guidance available to student groups on how to host an AGM online and more. 
  • We’ve introduced new ways for students to connect and take part in activities by introducing Micro-Communities. These are pop-up virtual communities, bringing people together around a common interest, event or topic. Micro-Communities are free, casual, temporary and online.

we're going to keep doing:

Letting you know what’s happening and what you can get involved in, whether that’s volunteering your time, taking part in Give it a Go online or staying in touch with your student group. 


other initiatives

you said:

Students are struggling financially, particularly those of us who have lost jobs.

we did:

After successful lobbying from the Bristol SU Officers, the university have ‘topped up’ the Financial Assistance Fund and International Hardship Fund meaning there is more financial support available for students in need.

we're going to keep doing:

Making sure that the university is supporting students in need and signposting to the resources available to students.

Care Leavers and Estranged Students Network: Secured funding for, produced and distributed 45 Covid-19 Care Packages for the Care Leavers and Estranged Students Network. 

Bristol SU: Gathered feedback from over 500 students to find out their concerns and what support they need. We have taken this to the University and used this research to inform the key things we are asking for. 


Including 443 academic appeals
and around 390 questions about assessments

See how our Just Ask Service improves your student experience:

what else have we been doing?

academic year 2018/19

Global Carnival

Bristol SU’s International Students’ Network, Postgraduate Education Officer Shubham and a multitude of cultural societies teamed up to bring you...

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Sports Night

Our regular Sports Nights at Gravity, and SCORE, have channeled over £11,000 of ticket sales back into our sports clubs....

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Graduation Bursary

Undergraduate Education Officer Nasra and Equalities Officer Sally have been working hard to reduce the hidden costs that arise from...

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DBS Superstars

We supported over 300 students to obtain their DBS checks in the UK helping them start their volunteering journey

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Awarded 44 Gold Balloons

This year a record 44 student groups were awarded a coveted gold balloon for their outstanding work delivering extracurricular activities...

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Fit and Fabulous

The Fit and Fab programme delivers cheap accessible exercise for all who identify as female. It's a vibrant community of...

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NUS Simpson King Award

Bristol SU's CEO, Sam Budd, received the Simpson King Staff Achievement Award at the 2018 NUS awards. This award recognises...

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lecture re/play

Many students who experience hardship during their studies inevitably miss classes, particularly those with an ongoing health condition or disability.

From 2015 lecture capture was rolled out across the university, however the availability of recordings was inconsistent across schools and within courses. SU officers continued to lobby the University to implement policy making audiovisual recordings of lectures obligatory.

Because of this lobbying the university invested in extending and improving Re/Play in response to staff and student demand. This ensures that students across all courses have equal access to recordings.

See how lecture replay supports your studies:

what else have we been doing?


Women in STEM report

Following research into women's experience in STEM at the University of Bristol, a report was released which was presented to...

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Balloon bikes scheme

In order to give students access to a cheap and sustainable transport, Balloon Bikes was launched allowing students to loan...

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Bristol SU Lettings

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in letting fees saved
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Rated student lettings agency in Bristol


of students housed each year

See how better student housing can help your studies

why did we choose to work on those things?

student democracy

Bristol SU is a democracy. This means that you elect the people who lead the SU and stand up for you and you get a vote on active SU policy.

There are loads of opportunities for you to have your say throughout the year, whether that’s by voting in an election, telling your reps about your time at uni or even suggesting, and voting on policy at democratic events.


Bristol SU regularly conducts research into the student experience. This is undertaken by our Research and Evaluation Coordinator, and teams of Student Researchers. The research conducted by Bristol SU includes surveys, interviews and focus groups. Some research projects are focused on a specific topic, such as the BME attainment gap, and other research projects are more explorative and cover the whole student experience.

We use research to find out more about students’ experiences at Bristol. The results are used to both improve our own services and to lobby the University to improve the student experience.

have your say


Suggest, debate and vote on new SU policy, hold your elected officers to account

student council

Tell your reps what changes you’d like to see and have them suggest and vote on policy


Run to be a rep, and have your say on who will represent you in the upcoming academic year

message your officers

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