Student democracy

Bristol SU is a democracy. This means that you elect the people who lead the SU and stand up for you and you get a vote on active SU policy.

There are loads of opportunities for you to have your say throughout the year, whether that’s by voting in an election, telling your reps about your time at uni or even suggesting, and voting on policy at democratic events.

Here are the three key ways that you can tell your Union what changes you’d like to see:



Bristol SU is a union of students, for students. This means that twice a year we run elections where you can choose the reps who represent you on issues around your course, your wellbeing and your experience at university.

Over the years our reps have done incredible things and left a legacy for the students of the future. Whether that’s securing access lecture recordings or providing students with millions of pounds worth of bursaries – that’s why it’s important that as many students vote as possible to give their reps a strong mandate to make these changes, and if you’re passionate about making these changes that you nominate yourself for these roles.

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40% of students voted in an SU election last year
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That's compared to a national average of 17%


suggest, debate and vote on policy

The Annual Members Meeting (AMM) is the SU’s biggest democratic event and any student can attend and vote.

At AMM you can debate and vote on new policy and ask the full time officer team questions to hold them to account. You can also submit a motion in advance of the meeting that if passed, will become SU policy for the next three years.

Find out when the next AMM is here.

student council

tell your reps the changes you'd like to see

Student Council is the primary representative forum of the Students’ Union. It creates policy which directs the focus of the elected officers. Members discuss and vote on motions submitted by students and any that pass become active SU policy for three years.

Anyone can attend student council, but only eligible members can vote. These include Society Presidents, Club Captains, Academic Reps, JCR Presidents, Network Chairs and Student Trustees.

As only your reps can vote it’s important that you talk to them about what you’d like to see. Find out who your academic reps are here.


build communities and create change

Bristol SU runs 14 Networks (Including the new Multifaith Network) that are open and free to join for all students.

They are representative bodies that can lead campaigns, hold forums and organise social events. Each Network is run by an elected chair who is a current student and are all supported by the full time officer team.

To find out more and see all the Networks click here.