the bristol su living room

bringing the su to campus

The SU Living Room opened its doors on 3 December 2018, at the heart of campus in Senate House.

The Living Room brings several things that students have been wanting for a while: a place on campus that definitively isn’t a study space, a place where you can bring and eat your own food, and an SU presence on campus.

It is also designed to combat isolation and facilitate positive wellbeing.

Responding to feedback from surveys, student councils, and our student reps, the Living Room is inspired by the growing movement of ‘Public Living Rooms’. These aim to help people connect with each other, and not be too strict about what you can and can’t use certain spaces for.

Above all, the SU Living Room is a space for students to have ownership over: it is a work-in-progress by design, and we will keep welcoming feedback to make the space work for students.

The project was funded by the university and brought to life by Bristol SU.